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The Scholarship Online Application is open from October 15 – February 1, unless otherwise noted on the scholarship deadline

Welcome to Scholarship Aviator, UT Martin’s Online Scholarship Opportunity Manager! UT Martin has hundreds of private donor-funded scholarship opportunities available for you as an admitted UTM student. Both new and continuing students are eligible to apply here and encouraged to reapply every year. Most of the scholarships listed in this section only require you to complete our general scholarship application. However, some scholarships require additional information from you to determine your eligibility (those opportunities have a visible “Apply” button listed). Please keep in mind this section lists all of the donor-funded scholarships that are available, regardless if you are eligible or not.

To apply, please click the “Sign In” button in the upper right-hand corner. You must be admitted and have a UTM Portal ID and password in order to login to the general application.

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$1,500 David Gatwood Scholarship
The David Gatwood Scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a joint major in Computer Science and in an artistic field such as communications,...
The David Gatwood Scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a joint...
  • Deadline: 02/01/2019
  • Award: $1,500